Played by A Principality

Vixi Venci
*A soft nickering*
Character Information
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair: a bright, brassy gold with a wine-red streak
Eyes: a brilliant jade green
Physique: strongly curved, tall, with wide hips and an ample chest
Age: Appears: mid-twenties
Classes: Monk/Rogue/SD
Weapon(s): A pair of kama and her hooves
Item(s): A handful of clover and a scrap of dark green silk
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faith: Polytheistic
Affiliation: Elzigard
Faction: N/A
Title: N/A
Relationship(s): Ryu Mirumoto Togashi -her "stallion"
Slave(s): N/A
Owner: N/A
Origins: a mountain range in Faerun
Languages: Animal, Avariel, Common

An Idyllic BeginningEdit

There is not much to tell for the first years of a pegasus's life. Hatched and raised by her golden mother, the foal that would be named Vixi delighted in galloping across the lower valleys, testing her wings by weaving through the forest and feeling clouds brush her chestnut hide as she ascended ever higher. Watched carefully by her mother, the filly was gently introduced to the herd when she reached her full adult height at the age of 18 months.

The herd that she frolicked with for an idyllic four months taught her much about life amongst the pegasi, as well as introduced her to other avian creatures, such as a family of avariel from whom she learned their language, and a grumpy ancient black dragon who, oddly for his species, didn't mind the young pegasi galloping around the mouth of his cave, or playing catch-me games in his swamp.

The First ShockEdit

Just before her second birthday and the time when she would have been introduced to the herd's stallion, the young filly saw a commotion on a road near the base of her family's mountain. Curiosity had never run her false before, so it was an utter shock when a net was thrown over her, her hooves were hobbled and she was haltered and dragged into a covered wagon to be transported. The man who ordered her capture was an imposing figure with an iron-grey, neatly trimmed beard and black lacquered armour. A pegasus was precisely the mount he'd been waiting for, and when the filly was unloaded at his keep, the long process of breaking her to saddle began.

Terrified, she could only react as any horse would- she fought every step of the way. Branded, whipped, hobbled, denied food and water, walked until exhaustion, it took months for the knight to break her. Curb bits were used to cut her tender mouth, and spurs ensured that she obeyed his commands swiftly. Her wings were clipped to prevent escape, and although miserable, she made a pretty sight when saddled and bridled, bearing the knight's arms of a broken black sword on a red tower.

Six months as his preferred mount, and Vixi was befriended by the knight's "pet" wizard- a man with a long past and a sympathy for abused animals. He explained to Vixi-over the long nights of soothing her saddlesores with poultices and her torn mouth with soft mashes- that her rider was a blackguard, a man who had once been a steadfast paladin and broken his vows. His mount, a pegasus, had left him at once, and he was determined to regain his status. Capturing and breaking a pegasus to his will wasn't quite the same as having one bonded to him, but the appearance was good enough.

After a botched breeding, the result of which the blackguard ordered destroyed- he'd not known that pegasi laid eggs as opposed to giving live birth, and claimed he had no time to wait for the egg to hatch- the wizard came to Vixi and slipped a soft rope halter over her head. With a few invisibility spells, he snuck the pegasus out of the keep and escaped the city, heading towards Waterdeep with Vixi in tow.

A Burning PotionEdit

Trouble followed in the shape of the blackguard's soldiers, and it was an arrow that punctured the wizard's lung one night as he attempted to finish a potion he promised the filly would help her go unnoticed in Waterdeep. A terrified and infuriated horse is a powerful defender indeed, and with well-placed blows of hard hovoes, Vixi drove away the attackers before returning to watch her friend die. The wizard laid the bottle beside her as he murmured words she didn't understand, but when excruciating pain overtook her, the filly wondered if her friend hadn't decided to take her with him into death.

Awakening some hours later to the growls of hungry wolves told her that no, her friend hadn't taken her with him on that last journey. Instead, he had cast a spell which had faltered, leaving the pegasus with an incomplete transmutation. Her legs were still softly furred, ending in strong hooves, and her wings remained on her back, but she had... hands.