A standard, magical slave collar can be altered to suit the tastes of each slave owner.

Registry of Slaves and Keepers in TensEdit

This is a detailed account of all slaves belonging to the city of Tens and her citizens.

Slave KeeperEdit

  • Zahle Undt
  • Adelaide (Assistant Slave Keeper)
  • Elro'ethrial Lenoliath (Assistant Slave Keeper)

Recently ReleasedEdit

  • Bonci BoraBora (21.06.11)
  • Jali Dawnstrider (22.07.11 with Permission from the King)
  • Miera Jasine (17.09.11)

City SlavesEdit

  • Boggyth "The Beast"
  • Da'lema
  • Marakesh Miranmar
  • Nissa
  • Iris
  • Jeska
  • Sassy
  • Rin Kafka, Owned by Gavin Sotomayor, on loan to the city slave courts, primary usage reserved for Drakkarian Knights before citizens.
  • Velisa, Infernal Contract with Boo, to be treated as a Gladiator. Primary usage reserved for the military and combat. Anything else requires permission.
  • aelarria
  • Keiko

Owned SlavesEdit

  • Elvaling Galeslent "Lotus" (owned by Abdyel)
  • Cristall (owned by Dawn Dahaki)
  • Nihl (owned by Yax'millia)
  • Tara Notteel (owned by Zahle and Mirilinne Undt)
  • Willow (owned by Zilvstinbreena)
  • Celestina Atherdale (owned by Gavin Sotomayor)
  • Eva'raion Meladys'varilo (owned by Xacus Rath Ke'brei)
  • Jonnie James (Owned by Shamus)
  • Du'ria Sel'arlis (Owned by Adelaide)
  • Sin'Vyll (Owned by Elro'ethrial Lenoliath)
  • Nimue (Owned by Varlin)
  • Zita Phuri Dae (Owned by Jali Dawnstrider)
  • Zaynah (Owned by Cassius Tempest)