Played by Larnixva'

Shigure Takemi
" I always get my mark"
Character Information
Race: Human/Black Dragon
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm 6'1
Hair: Long Black
Eyes: Right eye is normal Dark Brown: Left eye most covered, Black colour base, and red center.
Physique: Close to lean muscular, not overly big, muscules are well define and tone.
Weapon(s): Katana: Kirin, 2 Ninjatos: , Shurikens.
Item(s): Artcupuncture needles, scrolls.
Alignment: Chaotic Netural
Faction: Anamchara currently
Relationship(s): Married to Kelia Takemi
Slave(s): None
Origins: Kara-tur
Languages: Dragonic, Shao, some drow.

Physical Description Edit

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History Edit

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Personality Description Edit

His personality changes according the events happen to him, he used to be very uptight, disciplined. Rright now he believes if they aren't important to him, he wouldn't care. Selfishness play part of it, burying the old self deep inside of him.