Shadow Citadel
Located in the foothills of the Odoshis Mountains, beyond The Ancient Battlefield, the Shadow Citadel is a dark foreboding place.


Enter Shad

The Shadow Citadel Courtyard

Heavily guarded, this impressive Citadel is crawling with undead beings.experienced traveller, the dungeon is a good hunting ground and reliable source of gems, gold, and training. For the inexperienced, however, the halls can prove to be a very effective death-trap.



Inside the CitadelEdit

The entrance to the Citadel is a heavily-guarded battlement manned by crossbow-wielding archers. These archers are particularly resistant to damage, and their bolts can trap the unwary mind. As one follows the corridors of the Citadel, the ranks of these Archers thin and become replaced by scythe-wielding shadow wraiths, undead knights, and even undead wizards. It is interesting to note that while the archers are resistant to damage, the wraiths, knights and wizards are not so. In the lowest chamber of the Citadel, one will find two or three more undead wizards and a dragon. Defeating these monsters earns the hunter a key, and a powerful set of armor off the dragon's corpse.

Inside the StoreEdit

At the bottom of the Citadel awaits an undead merchant who maintains a stock of equipment for successful hunters. A few useful pieces of armor and clothing can be bought here, along with powerful trinkets and jewelry.