Character Information
Race: Celestial, Monadic Deva
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Raven black with a single white strand
Eyes: Dark silver
Faith: Tempus
Faction: Tens
Relationship(s): Mated to Varian Bastyra of Drakkar
Origins: Plane of Celestia, Lunia
Languages: Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Draconic, Drow

Played by: Again She


It would be easy for one to mistake the tall celestial woman's distinct feminine features for weakness, but upon closer observation, the angel appears every bit the battle-hardened warrior born and bred for war. The only visible flaw to her physique is a faint limp that can sometimes be noticed, as though she favoured her right leg. Personality wise, the angelic warrior tends to speak her mind without honeyed words.


This celestial woman often draws attention to her as she walks with a confident stride past people. Glorious in her radiant aura, she is as beautiful and ageless as many of her kind. Though there is something odd about her that catches the eye.

The majestic brilliant white wings are tainted, as if someone took a brush and painted some of her feathers with a black dye. This could mean only one thing. Disgrace. Obviously she has tasted the darkness and even though it had not consumed her fully, it changed her, twisting her body and mind. It is obvious by a dark, hungry look in her eyes.

A shock of shoulder-long ebony hair frames her face, only a few strands in the front are pure white, which creates a starking contrast. Her dark silvery eyes are shadowed with kohl or lined with black, dependant on


how her mood takes her. Her ruby lips are full and inviting; the delicate nose is straight and thin. The woman's ears are small, with the lobes pierced.

The angelic woman appears to be a strong and a capable warrior. Along with that her form remains very feminine; the swan neck, slender shoulders and small hands. Her nails are kept clean and beautifully manicured, painted in whichever colour takes her fancy. Her bust is ample and gorgeous; the thin waist and toned abdomen are followed by her rounded hips and her long and athletic legs.

Saena is always well groomed. She walks with her head held high, facing the curious glances stoicly, her tainted wings bristle softly on the breeze. The black feathers among the white ones. Her curse. Her burden. Her fate.


a distant past, Saena was a proud Paladin in service to Lord Torm; her dedication to her deity's cause matched only by her talent for war. Yet, as all things must end, the angel was given charge of leading a division of the Heavens into battle, resulting in a catastrophic ambush by Tana'ri of the Broken Reach. Few know of the torment she endured, and the celestial is not very forthcoming with information. Yet, the black feathers now adorning her wings, and her refusal to submit herself to a ritual of purification, stand as a testament to the effect captivity had on her. Shorty after, she was banished from the Astral Sea and sent to guard the Isle of Styss in Torm's name.


Joining the White City of Anamchara, known by some as the Beacon of Light, Saena quickly rose up the ranks in light of her battle prowess, earning her the mantle of the General of the North; the rank that she held for several years. Despite her jaded and cynical outlook on the much of what she witnessed in those times, her loyalty remained unwavering to her newfound home, and she soon became one of the central pillars of Anamchara; an angel of the Heavens fighting daily to right an ancient wrong.


Upon learning of her children's death at the hands of demons when sent to fight a losing battle in the Loyal Fury's name, she fell into a dark depression and swiftly severed her ties to both Torm, and the last symbolic link she had with her now forsaken duty; Anamchara. It was then, that a Tensian warrior known as Varian of Drakkar brought her to Tens, promising her vengeance, and freedom.

Devoted to starting a new life, the celestial joined the ranks of the Drakkar Knights as a Squire, enduring trial after trial in the hopes of one day becoming a fully pledged Knight of the Order of Drakkar alongside her lover; Varian. At the same time, she sought out a new patron deity to fill the void that forsaking a Torm had left her with, and upon finding the God of War, Tempus, was chosen by the Foehammer to become his priestess.

Her newfound divine abilities had not escaped the keen eye of the then Tyrant of Tens, Talavar, and in light of her vast experience in battle and the Gods, was quickly given the rank of War Priestess of the Temple of Tens; a duty she accepted gladly. Later, with the High Priestess Madiasone stepping down from her position, Saena was made High Priestess of Tens, and given the honour of joining the Council of the Red City.

After months of enduring trial upon trial with her fellow Squires of the Order, she finally succeeded her final test, taken into a dream state where she encountered and lived through the torments Brocard endured whilst working in the mines, and his fated meeting with the Black Dragon that corrupted him. Decisions and choices were made, and when she woke up, she was Knighted as a fully pledged member of the Order of Drakkar, where she was then known as Saena of Drakkar.


Often aloof, if not outright cold, the deva tends to keep others at bay despite her angelic heritage making her an attractive woman bordering on the beautiful.

Stunned upon learning that she had been chosen by her clan for a pre-arranged marriage with a Leonal from Elysium, her ties with her kin weakened, and after two short decades of her eternal lifespan, decided her duty to the clan was fulfilled, and abandoned her husband to return on a self-imposed exile to Styss. Her three children born of that union understood and accepted her decision despite the sorrow it entailed.


Though she had often been a deadly rival to Tens during her stay in Anamchara, she quickly grew to respect the Tensian dragon knight Brocard of Drakkar. A mutual respect for one's enemy which lead to her standing by his side during his battle against the Overlord of Styss, despite her cityfolks outright avoiding the titanic confrontation.

Her first meeting with Varian Bastyra was surprisingly poor, ending with bloodshed within in a jail of the battlefield forts during a confrontation between Tens and Anamchara. Oddly enough, what started so poorly grew into a friendship lasting for a few years following the Tensian warrior's defection to Anamchara, and eventually into a romantic relationship when he took her to Tens.

Lastly, she befriended a fellow Squire of Drakkar and Tempuran, Xavior, the trials of the Order forging a bond between the pair which evolved in a lasting friendship as the two warriors fight alongside each other with the most complete trust of the other.