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The Port Aleeh DarbahEdit

The docks of Port Aleeh Darbah is a highly important hub in the island of Styss where the ships leave on regulare basis towards any of the three Crown Cities (Anamchara, Elzigard and Tens). It does as well connect to the Cliff Road that will eventually end up in Twisted Desert or as an alernative route to Della's Forest.

Port Aleeh Darbah 01

A small boat can also be rented by those that wishes to take a small vacation out in the archipelagio in the vast lake and will take the traveller to a beautiful island with long stretched white beaches and a small cave to stay for shelter if the weather becomes bad or if one wish to stay the night.

Yumi's Kogaku

Another populare spot to visit in the port is the famous bathhouse Yumi's Kogaku that has had a very colourful history of being all from a brothel, to bathhouse to a privately owned establishment.

Today it is open for the public and is an alternativ to those that wishes a smaller, less busy inn. It is recommended to use the robes that the Bathhouse provides when one enters the establishment.