Onikage Sin is a human shaped demon shadow. His skin is a dark colour, closely resembling that of the Drow, though nowhere near as smooth. His build is quite athletic, lean and muscular but with his rogueish traits he is often seen in a lazy slouch. His face is quite strange with his pupiless black eyes and short pointy horns that jut out of his forehead. Within his set of sharp teeth lay two distinct fangs.

He keeps these features mostly hidden by a hood and sometimes he wears masks of different appearance. His clothes are far from drab, made from high quality he keeps his posessions in good working condition, though they are also far from fancy. He prefers to wear a minimal ammount of clothing on his torso, choosing only leather straps that hold his weapon parts in place. On his lower half he choses tight fitting pants, light shoes and a loin-cloth robe.

Through developing the character I have revealed that Onikage Sin is infact a vampire bat-like-man. (Yes ok, a vampire batman)

He retains the characteristics of a blood-sucking vampire bat but none of that which define an undead type vampire.

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