Played by Leto's Secret

Leto Lycia
"Everyone is just a toy, and this world is my playpen"
Character Information
Race: Tanar'ri
Gender: Female
Height: 6'8"
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Yellow
Physique: Fit, shapely
Age: 80 years
Classes: Bard/Outsider/Blackguard
Weapon(s): Anarchy - Waraxe
Item(s): Silver necklace, enchanted belt
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Faith: Nihilist
Affiliation: Laughing Sisters
Faction: Tens
Relationship(s): On-off with Tarvisha, older sister to Alessa
Origins: Uncharted layer of the Abyss
Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, Drow, Common

Leto is a demonic succubus that exemplifies the sin of 'greed'. She is an evil warrior and schemer who puts her own desires before loyalty and reason. She has served Tens off and on since her arrival to Styss, her overly violent and chaotic nature often putting her at odds with her own allies.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Leto appears as a tall, comely woman with striking golden blonde hair and inhuman, yellow reptilian eyes. Her shape is obviously designed to please the eye, but the apparent perfection of her proportions gives her an unnatural appearance. She doesn't make much effort to hide her demonic nature and is often seen with a small set of horns curved back through her hair, a colossal set of wings folded against her back, goat-like legs ending in cloven hooves and a long, spade-tipped tail.

She tends to wear heavy armour in public and soft, expensive silks in private - though whatever she wears, she makes an attempt to show off; choosing to show off her figure and ornaments over practicality.


Little is known of Leto's 'actual' history beyond the fanciful tales she tells herself. What is known is that she is not a 'normal' succubus, possessing abilities far beyond the scope of the usually weak, low ranked demon breed. She claims to have been the offspring of a coupling between a succubus and the demon prince Graz'zt, though whether she actually has proof of this lineage is yet to be seen and certainly Graz'zt shows no more love for Leto than any of his thousands of misbegotten progeny. What is known, however, is that at some point in Leto's past she came into possession of a very powerful and very dangerous artifact which she missused, leading to a schizm that warped her very nature and split her into two seperate demons.

Her other 'half' named herself Hel and contained what little reason and restaint Leto had, while Leto herself now contained the wanton, self-destructive desire for self gratification all demons possess but without reason or restraint to hold her back. Besides Hel's influence, the only reason Leto has survived up to this point without being killed for her recklessness is her exceptional martial prowess and regenerative abilities. The artifact, which she claims to not remember the name of, seemed to bestow the demoness with knowledge, skill and enhanced regeneration to the point all but a fatal blow to the heart, head or a flaming, acidic or divine wound could slay her. She squanders these abilities on a never ending binge of excess and greed, never actually accomplishing anything but a growing horde of mostly useless items and slaves. It is only a matter of time before the 'gifts' the artifact gave her meet their match and her extreme, self-destructive greed ends up getting her killed for good.

Somewhere in their past, Hel and Leto became part of an organisation of enigmatic demons calling themselves the "Laughing Sisters", a group of demons who have all apparently come in contact with the same artifact that split Leto into two demons; though the organisations goals and its other members are completely unknown.

More recently, Hel went missing, driving Leto into a deep depression. She filled the void by capturing and enslaving a tiefling that reminded her of her 'other half', named Alessa. Forcing the young tiefling to be her 'sister', the two soon formed a bond and Leto freed Alessa from slavery (while she was temporarily Ten's slave mistress) and instead adopted her as a step sister. She is fiercely protective and possesive of her younger sibling, going to any lengths to keep her safe. While their relationship may seem rather brutal and one sided to outsiders, Alessa is the closest Leto has ever come to truely loving someone beyond her need to possess everything.

With Hel still missing, Leto siphoned some of her missing sister's soul energy from the silver necklace that connects them and placed it inside Alessa to make her immortal. This had the effect of giving the tiefling a tail as she became slightly more demonic from the taint of Hel's soul.

Family MattersEdit

What Leto shows of herself is but a facade of her true nature, oft hiding what, and who she is from the real world. Should one find her in the Abyss where her skin and hair are ebon black and her eyes are virulent green in colour, they would see the canny resembelence to her father. Though the abyssal prince of lust and guile has fathered many children with a myriad of different races, pureblood demonic children are still rare. They are usually more powerful than other demons of their type, and always bare a striking resembelence to the demon prince himself. Like all demons, they recieve no favour from their lofty parent and are used as fodder, concubines and any other perverted use that can be wrung from them before they die. Those that survive tend to have the abyssal equivilant of 'daddy issues', which spells a nightmare for anyone they come across. And with this in mind, the perverted prince looses them upon the mortal planes to 'prove themselves', not caring whether they return or not. Deluded and desperate, the children of Graz'zt seek to prove their worth to ther father or fall into self destructive depression. They are also quite often than not absolutely batshit.

Leto herself was placed in a similar situation even past the time she split herself in two, and was forced to serve in the blood war for a long time before she was confident enough in herself and her abilities to move to the mortal planes to impress her father. Her first incursion to the waking world was through a summoning by a house of malevolant drow who set her to work in their coup. She served a single matron until her death and was let loose by her successor. Still terrorfied her work was nowhere near enough to prove herself in daddy's eyes, she traveled the planes, growing more and more paranoid, desperate and insane as she went. Eventually this need to impress morphed to outright rebellion. And so, Leto, the cosmic party girl was born.

She found her way to Styss on one of her month long party and travel binges, seeking new stages to dance on, new drinks and drugs to wash away any sense in her mind and new bed companions. All which she found in great amounts on the Isle of sin. Rarely is her mind on the same page of reality as everyone else's now, and even other demons find her very hard to understand. Unpredictable, violent - but the center of any party; this madened bardess is destined to cause chaos wherever she roams.


  • 'Leto' is also the name of an external program that allows the modification of character's .bic files. The use of this term with a capital letter often confuses Leto's player!
  • Leto was named after the mythological Titan of the same name.
  • Her twin daughter's were named after greek mythological figures as well.