Julious Hector FoxEdit

Julious Fox

Julious Fox at the Fall of Eladremere

Julious Fox was born to human parents in the small city of Mikrit located in Faerun on the North Eastern Pensiula of the Chult Region. There, Julious was raised under his father, Tuvia Regimeus Foxus II, who was the Captain and Lord Marshall of the Mikritian Millitary. Tuvia was strict on Julious in the studies of war, discipline, and most importantly, integrity. At the age of Seventeen, Julious had already surpassed his teacher in training and was rushed into active duty. Mikrit at the time had been facing a viable threat from werewolves from the west which had already forced the majority of Mikrits small millitary force to withdraw back to the peninsula. Rumor had it that the werewolves were on the brink of starvation in the foothills which lead them to push east. At the age of Eighteen, Julious was promoted to captain of the guard and during his watch of the city during the yearly festival of the Blood Moon, the city came under siege from the werewolf threat. Julious had always blamed himself for the fall of Mikrit as that night he watched helplessly as his mother, father, and younger sister were eaten alive infront of him. Julious too had fallen to a werewolf and had it not been for his younger brother, Cassius, he would have died that night as well. Beaten and Mawed, Cassius carried Julious south where he eventually recovered from the wounds. Julious was never the same after this. He is and still remains today, haunted by the sights and sounds of his sister being mutilated before him - something few if any know.

Helzbelt - The Enlightening of Damascus and KalishaEdit

After fleeing Mikrit and traveling through the various regions of Amn, Cormyr, and the Sword Coast, Julious along with Cassius took to the seas. After several weeks of sailing, their ship crash landed on a foreign island called the Sacred Kingdoms. Shortly after landing, Julious was quickly recruited by Eladremere for his fighting ability and ability to single handedly turn the tides of battles. Shortly there after, Helzbelt, the enemy to the south of Eladremere, began to take notice of Julious's ability. One day while on the top of the Eladremere Keep, Julious was approached by Kalisha - The Queen of Helzbelt. To Kalisha's surprise, Julious had already known of her intentions to recruit him and before she could make the offer, he knelt to her and presented her with his sword, still bloody from her fallen soldiers. It goes without saying that Julious was welcomed with opened arms.

While at Helzbelt, Julious began rising quickly. There, he meet the love of his life, Evelina, whom he later

Evelina at the Helzian Pools

married. Together with Evelina's support, Julious quickly rose to the rank of General of Helzbelt and a short time later after finding a suitable replacement, Duke of Helzbelt - Second only to Kalisha and Damascus. For the first time in ages, Helzbelt saw an era of peace as Eladremere knew that meeting Julious on the open field was suicide. However, Eladremere was a cowardly city and were merely buying their time. During this peace, Evelina became pregnant with Julious's first child and while Julious was away from the city tending to foreign matters, Evelina was abducted from Helzbelt by Thillius Rose. When Julious returned and found out Evelina was taken, he fell into a rage unseen by anyman in Helzbelt. Julious gathered his force and marched upon Eladremere, laying siege to the city and waste to any man woman or child that stood to stop him. It was rumored that bodies followed his wake all the way from the Salacious Islands to the city steps. After two days of fighting, the city finally fell into flames and Julious was able to retrieve Evelina - Only to find that she had been poisoned and the unborn child killed. The man who was responsible for this autrocity, Thillius Rose, was summairly captured, tortured by Evelina, and eventually dismembered and quartered by Julious. To this day, Rose's body remains scattered across that island - a reminder to those of the furocity in Julious.

From Sacred Kingdoms to the Island of Styss: The Current Julious FoxEdit

Soon after Julious and Evelina lost their child, they left Helzbelt and traveled - simply enjoying the time to themselves. During this time, Julious had heard about an island called Styss that was both remote and beautiful. Despite Evelina's pleads to not go, Julious eventually convinced her of coming with him and she did. While traveling through a mountain cave system to get to the nearby coast line, the earth began to shift and the roof of the cave fell in upon them. Julious and Evelina were separated by no more than five feet and where he lived, she did not. Julious waited for weeks by the mouth of the cave, trying desperately to move the stone and earth out of the way. To no avail, he ran short of supplies and was forced to leave. To this day, Julious does not know if Evelina survived or died, but the pain of the loss to him has never been replaced. It is said that even in his sleep, he still whisperes her name and at times, even smells the scent of her perfume. Eventually, Julious arrived at Styss with nothing more than the armor on his back, axe and shield. To his dismay, the remote and beautiful island was indeed a war torn catastrophy

The Burning Keep of Anamchara

. Surprisngly, he found a fellow brother of Helzbelt, Talavar, who recruited him to the city of Tens. At Tens, Julious served for several years as their General and Commanding Officer of the Millitary. For a long time Julious maintained the army and kept them ready. However, Julious had a very human feeling to him - tiredness. Julious had grown sick of useless blood shed and sought retirement. Upon breaching the subject with Vier'idil, the current ruler of Tens, she threatened him about him wanting to leave the city to retire to Blackwaters Rock. Julious took offense to this and simply out of spite, left Tens and joined Anamchara, the arch enemy of Tens and its influence. There, Julious meet Amy Swift and fell into a relationship with the Queen and Protector of Anmachara. Upon the first day of his citizenship, Vier'idil was captured by Anam forces and held in the duengons. Having no idea that Julious had already left Tens, he surprised Vier'idil by revealing himself to her, in the form of a dagger through her spine and a few choice words in her ear. There, he dropped her like a wet pile of meat - only to let her bleed out on the floor. Like many of the other cities before, Anamchara soon realized his ability to win conflicts and get things done. Julious, again, was appointed General and Commanding Officer of the Anamcharan Millitary. Several seasons passed with Julious remaining an influence in Anamchara politics. However, the leadership would eventually collapse in the city with the departure of Amy Swift. With multiple factions fighting for control over the city, Nathanial Mirna and Kelisha came to claim victory. Julious had never cared for Nathanial due to his consistant lieing and deceiet. After nearly starting a civil war, Julious reminded himself that he is human and like most better men do, simply walked away. Ultimately Julious was able to heal his standings with Tens and was welcomed back into the city as a brother gone a stray - although it was certain to him that his past would not be forgotten there.

The PersonEdit

Julious can best be described as being "Firm but Fair". He is known to have a good sense of humor and is easily approachable by those who do not know him. Julious is a renown listener as he will more often than not think before speaking. Aside from millitary might, Julious is a fierce lover, a good friend to those in need, and more importantly, a good man. Once given his word, one can rest assured that it will not be broken. Those who find themselves facing off with him are mainly there due to their own actions towards him. However, do not let this fool you - Julious is a wise, seasoned, older gentleman now but when push comes to shove, he will always throw the first blow, strike first blood, and cause you to adapt or die to him. Currently, Julious is 55 years old and known to be 6'6" tall and approximately 275 pounds. Julious was never real tone in regards to muscularity, but by looking at him one could easily gauge his strength. He is well known for his striking red hair, light blue eyes, and a wooden tower shield that was forged from an Inn door of the Serpentine. His weapon of choice is the War Axe, a blade of his own creation deemed "Messerschmidt's Reaver", which is the same weapon he used in his siege of Eladremere and the dismemberment of Thillius Rose.