Grumstone Embleme

Grumstone Emblem

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Grumstone OverviewEdit

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Found deep in the Odoshis Mountains at the top of the Grumstone Path (the beginning of which is located along the Lakeshore North Old Trade Route, opposite the Styss Public Library), the Grumstone caverns are dark and dank. The Dwarves of Grumstone are hostile and aggressive, and attack anything and anyone that is not one of the Grumstone Tribe. Like the Shadow Citadel, the more experienced in the lands find good hunting in Grumstone; for those less prepared, Grumstone can be a quick ticket to the afterlife.

Grumstone's History and OrganisationEdit

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Grumstone was the first attempt at the dwarven populous of the Island of Styss to form a community where they could hold their own and be resourceful taking the resources from the mountains and creating a merchandise to sell. The dwarf that led the assault on the mountain and started the colony was named Bargar Urgagirn. Though he was the first many followed in his footsteps and helped develop the city to what can be explored as of now.
Bargar Urgagirn was a simple dwarf, coming from the the plane of Faerûn through the medium of Sigil he thrived on trading and getting the best deal. He wasn't much of a fighter but when he heard that he could be the king of a soon to be city then he jumped on the chance. Maybe not the best wisdom from any dwarf but he did what he had. From then they carved through the mountain sides of Odoshis mountains carefully when trying to build around the then, unknown, underdark. While he built, he found the attention of the cities to be positive. Trading supplies and the constant influx of dwarfish-kin helped keep the underground metropolis at the top of it's game.
Bargar first built what he dubbed the "Gold District" it was only accessible by a lift that was through the cave system that, now, links the outside to the military ward of the city. The Gold District was the area that most visitors could visit, it was called the Gold District due to the amount of Gold that was present in the mineral, they carved roads out of such and made a impressive view of Grumstone to visitors.
While the lift to the Gold District was the only accessible part of Grumstone to visitors, there was still three other areas.

  • Military Ward: What you see now mostly, the military ward is the only surviving part of Grumstone that adventurers and merchants can travel through to get the Spirit of Grumstone. It was ruled by the mercenaries for quite sometime before the Duergar were contracted to guard the city and provide protection to all the merchants.
  • Royal Sector: Bargar's own garden of pleasures and fun, the top sellers of the Gold District would be offered permanent position in the city as Lords if they close to. This would bring in their families to provide more income. It was filled with gardens and waterfalls.
  • Gold District: What most travelers were awed by when they arrived to the city. A small lift at the gates of Grumstone would take them down to it. Where the roads were actually made from gold and the sides of these roads were littered with stores, shops, and market stalls. In the center of the district there was a statue of Moradin. The dwarves deny all existence of the overlord.
  • The Vaults: It wasn't actually vaults but it was the top at the top of the Odoshis mountains. Somewhere where any good earth dwelling dwarf would feel out of place. While it's name comes from it being a slum for the dwarfish kind that had no where else to stay on the Island it also hosted a powerful prison system, nicknamed "The Vault" and the slums were simply nicknamed the lesser vaults that surrounded it, as they did not stop people from escaping but were as worse as the prison themselves.

Duergar and the UnderdarkEdit

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It wasn't long until the dwarven kind's found the underdark underneath them. It was with one simple strike with a pickaxe it was revealed and the Duergar emerged to explore this metropolis of other dwarfish folks. While Duergar are usually evil at heart, they knew they could survive better if they found a way to co-exist with their fellow dwarves.
Bargar not wanting to cause war between them offered them the Military Ward to control and police as they chose to but with this they would have to protect Grumstone from any invaders or attackers that would harm the city. The Duergars agreed and let two of the individuals to lead them. One would control the Military Ward with the other ruling under them. These two individuals were the dwarf today known as the "Metal Smith" and the one knows as "The Guard Captain". They had full control of the corridors of the Military Ward and took good fashion of it, they kept it protected at all times and only certain dwarves from the other areas of Grumstone could visit it if given permission by the leaders themselves. Bargar was one of the few allowed in. He helped push out the excessive weapons and armor and sell them to the residents of Styss to make bank.
But all was not simple in Grumstone, Soon enough it had to fall to ruins and it did.

The BetrayalEdit

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Bargar could be the said to be the only dwarf that wasn't enjoying the paramour lifestyle of Grumstone and actually keeping a watchful eye on the Duergar. When the fight between Mephistopheles and the Overlord erupted it caused panic among the community and the sealed their gates, building large watchtowers outside and putting Duergar archers outside to keep a watchful eye on any intruders. They wanted nothing to do with the war, but with a silver tongue Mephistopheles managed to taunt the Duergar with the promise of the ownership of the city, an entire city to themselves. All they had to do was attack the other sectors and overtake it, murdering the other populace in the way of their succession and then use their force and help fight the war for him.
With that, The Duergar launched their attack on the other areas of Grumstone in the dead of the night. Bargar was already taking his family and close Lords to the only place where they held a chance against the overpowering military force.

The Vault FallsEdit

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Capturing the prisons, they used a outward shipment of armor and weapons to equip the prisoners and civilians of the area with these items to help fight off the Duergar. While the Royal Sector and Gold District fell with little trouble to them the Vault was a trouble waiting to happen. They knew that the only way to get in was to launch a full assault without worrying about who they murdered in the process, even if it was their own kind and they did such, if it wasn't halted by one.
Bargar seeking redemption in his own heart found that there was plenty of explosive devices in the Vault area to use for mining new areas and expanding the already infinitely growing slums. With this, he closed off the bridge between the Military Ward and the Vault. In the process he killed himself and with the failed contract Mephistopheles binded all the Duergar to forever roam the halls of Grumstone until they could finish off their contract and murder everyone.

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While the Vault may not exist anymore with the other sectors due to the explosion in the underdark. It had been known that the Gold District and Royal Sector were destroyed but because the Vault was above the Military Ward and the Military Ward still exist there is a good chance that there may still be some kind of civilization there. If so it would explain why the Duergars are unable to leave the area around Grumstone and venture out to the rest of the island of Styss. For Bargar, He is still a merchant.

Grumstone TodayEdit

Enter Grum

Entering the lands of the Grumstone Dwarves

Today Grumstone is frequently visited by hunters, gold diggers and those who are out to practise their skills or perhaps, just visit the old shop.

The Cavern and EncountersEdit

As with the Shadow Citadel, the entrance to Grumstone is a heavily guarded battlement, manned by crossbow-wielding archers. It is important to note that, deep in the bowels of history, a deal may have been struck between the Grumstone Dwaves and the denizens of the Citadel, as the Grumstone archers are, like their Shadow Citadel counterparts, particularly resistant to damage, and also fire bolts that can trap an unwary mind. The "courtyard" of Grumstone also is home to polar bears, although they are less of a challenge than the archers. As one travels through the caverns and halls, Guardians, Greater Guardians and Undead Wizards will be encountered, before finally an encounter with the Grumstone Captain and his personal retinue will be had.

The StoreEdit

At the end of Grumstone, deep within the halls of that wretched place, the ghost of the merchant Bargar has set up shop. He offers a range of quality equipment for those who are yet to brave the wilderness of the Blood Plains or the unholiness of the Twisted Castle. One can buy a Crown of Thorns at the shop, an exceedingly powerful helmet often used in the Warzone.