Elzigard is also referred to as the Grey City, and is located on the Western part of the island. The city is surrounded by farmlands and many druids take residence here.


Elzigard Castle

Denizens: All manner of humanoids and other beings are welcome here. The living dead are tolerated and so are fiends of various kinds.

Religions: As long as it is not in violation of any laws, you can worship any deity you'd like in Elzigard. Neutral deities are usually more popular here.

Regent History: (See Elzigard Regent History)


Elzigard Druid

The ranks of Elzigard:

Lord/Lady Regent: Protecters of the city. Their word is law, and they have the power to promote citizens to official status.

Senechal: Advisor to the Regent(s) and acts as Steward in case they cannot be reached.

General: In charge of all military affairs, and is beneath only the Regent and the Overseer.

Captain of the Guard: The individual responsible for the City Guard, the Captain of the Guard is second to the General and Regents.

Hierophant: Head of all the druids in the city and oversees druidical affairs. Answers to the Regents.

Archmage: Similar to the Hierophant, the Archmage is responsible for mages and magical affairs in the city, and answers to the Regents.

High Priest: The High Priest is in charge of all divine affairs, and is head of religious matters in Elzigard. Beneath the Regents.

Slavemistress: The slavemistress is responsible for the sale and upkeep of slaves in the city.

Current RanksEdit

King: Darren Kelle

Captain of the Guard: Trent Benthensen

Justicar of Elzigard: Vacant

High Priest: Vacant

Archmage: Thalia


Elzigard battle

A warrior from the Grey City.

While the more extreme Anamchara and Tens take their turns fighting for power, Elzigard has gone through many phases of cultural depression and sudden explosions of morale.

Taking a position between the lofty ideas of Anamchara and the perceived gutteral decadance of Tens, Elzigard is usually percieved as the "neutral" city. While the city itself is both beautiful and peaceful, the inhabitants can be just as combative, kind, vicious and thoughtful as any Anamcharian or Tensian. Most anyone from any background is welcomed in Elzigard, though the laws on this matter vary from ruler to ruler. With a lower position in geography than Anamchara and away from the sweltering jungles that surround Tens, even Elzigard's climate seems to reflect the city's delicate balance.

Elzigard Temple
However, this balance is nearly as difficult as walking on the edge of a blade. Over time, many citizens join and depart the neutral grounds of Elzigard. Some are banished, some voluntarily leave, and numerous Styssians join and defect while see-sawing between Tens and Anamchara. While many citizens of the Grey City develop a zealous attachment to the city's ideals, Tens and Anamchara usually boast more enthusiasm amongst their ranks.

With the death of The Overlord, however, Elzigard rose to prominence by remaining undamaged amongst the devastation that shook Styss. Guarded by an ancient spirit, Elzigard's neutral stance proved that it has more stability than the Red or White cities. To this day, it still stands proudly, demonstrating how it was not shaken from its roots.