Mirilinne and KyleEdit

Broken heart

She couldn’t think, she couldn’t feel, the only thing she could see was the eyes of the only man who still could reach some part of her heart. She ran… Leaving the city of Argannon behind and with that the memories and hopes of a happier life drifted away as the distance increased. Her leather armor that clinged to her body like a second skin gave no comfort, the bow in her hand felt heavy and pointless and all she could hear was her own whimpering. She had no tears left, her eyes felt dry like sand. She was hardly aware where she was going but the only place that made sense was the darkness that the city of Tens provided. There no one would raise an eyebrow if she were to scream the word revenge even if she on some level knew that revenge would have to wait. As she kept running, her hand drifted down to her lower stomach. A growing problem but perhaps it could become a promise of a better future. She passed through the warzone, the ground hardened by blood and the air thick of hate and fear.
The Fort was easy to access. A bit too easy even. The doors wide open and she could just walk right in. She remembered what Belasco had told her and she strapped her bow behind her back and leaned against a pillar to show she wasn’t hostile or that she was visiting with a bad intention. The Fort was unguarded and empty, not a whisper, not a sound. She felt a strange comfort with that and she closed her eyes for a moment. Her thoughts rushing through her mind knowing that the following hours might change her world completely and most likely, for ever.
Then she heard sounds of fighting. A couple of armed and magically shielded women entered the room followed by the man she had come for. Unarmed and knowing she’d never be able to string her bow in time she could simply watch and hope for the best. The attack was brutal and bloody, the Anamcharan females defeated the lonely man and now she felt obliged to atleast say something. “I have no business with you my ladies, take what you came for but leave the man where he is or I will get very cranky.” She addressed the ladies with a polite bit stern voice.
The women looked at her, nodded and went for the Stones. She walked up to the man on the floor with a scroll prepared to aid him when suddenly out of nowhere someone hit her in the back of her head and the world became black.

She didn’t know how much time had passed when someone gently touched her face. She opened her eyes and Kyle Harovak was smiling down at her but with a concerned look on his face. “Are you alright?” She could but smile to Kyle’s question then the back of her head reminded her of what had happened.
She was alright, but she was now furious. The man who had hit her was just standing there and she started to through accusations at him. Kyle tried to hush her to silence and his touch on her arm made her calm enough. “Why are you here?” He asked her. “I came here because you need me. Your security is unacceptable, the doors were open, no guards… nothing. AND you have soldiers who strike down unarmed people waiting in your fort. I was defending you damn it! How could I defeat the three of them with an unstringed bow?!” “Calm down Miri… You shouldn’t be here.” “Do you need me or not?” Her voice stern and she stared at him. “I am offering you my service, my bow and my knowledge in diplomacy, law and strategy. Do you need me or don’t you?” “I need every damn person I can get Miri, you know that.” “So stop fussing!” She glared at him. “Then you have my loyalty, from now on and forth.”
He gave her a long look then he nodded in approval and she knew a new life was beginning.

The day that followed was a day in blood, she ended up in Anamchara and found a strange satisfaction in just being able to launch arrows at them. Their silly grinning faces, what were they to her? She only regretted that the Bastard who had driven her to Tens wasn’t there, she would have loved to finally give him the special arrow she had made for him and she would place it between his eyes.
Kyle seemed surprised at her stern way of conducting herself, she could see it in his eyes but she didn’t have time to explain. She had to do something, she couldn’t let them see who she truly was. She had to forget herself, become hard, become a soldier, become strong and untouchable. As they returned towards Tens she could however feel that something was wrong. He was to quiet. In the midst of the warzone she simply turned to face him. “Why do I get the feeling that you are not happy to see me?” She asked.
He gave her a long look and mumbled something that she couldn’t hear. Irritated she walked up closer to him. “Is there something I should know Kyle?” She asked, this time locking her eyes with his and he looked … crushed.
She felt a cold hand grip her heart, she didn’t have to ask. She had seen that look before, but then it had been on another mans face and she knew exactly what it stood for. “There are others, isn’t there. Other women. How many Kyle? How many of them?”
He was silent for the longest time, or perhaps it was seconds, she didn’t know but it felt like a lifetime before he finally answered her: “Only one…”
The words ringing in her head and she knew any other answer would have been better. Only one ment that there was more to it than he had ever told her. Only one ment that his absence of his happiness that she had joined him in Tens was due to this other woman. She heard herself say thing, his lips moved in reply but her mind was ringing with her own silent screams and she couldn’t think straight. She knew now that he had never been serious, she had been but a toy and now when she had put him against the wall he had to come clean. He was to get married.
Again she was left behind, again she was cast aside. Disposable. Unworthy. Last choice. How could she compete with a Countess? He said more meaningless words and she simply turned and fled again.

She knew she was lost.

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