Dawn Dahaki
There's such a sad love deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel open and closed within your eyes I'll place the sky within your eyes
Character Information
Race: Linnorm/Sunelf
Height: 4,9 (150cm)
Hair: Silver blond
Eyes: Grassy green
Faction: Tens
Title: Queen Dawn Fox of Tens
Former Title: Vizier of Tens under Varians Rule
Relationship(s): Married to Julious Fox
Slave(s): cristall (Formerly known as mynx)
Origins: Parents: Mirilinne Gildanon and Cenoteph
Languages: Common, elven, abyssal, draconic.

Played by: Sannive

Dawn FoxEdit

She is a quite short but very fierce woman with a temper and the habit of speaking her oppinions loud and clear, this often leads to people getting offended but at times it creates friends as she is known for not keeping up pretence for the masses. She is blunt, honest and direct. Take it or leave it.


Her body slender, offering the viewer a narrow waist, small bust and her hips are not only slightly curved connecting to short but dancerlike legs. Her arms graceful but the muscles beneath her milky white skin are strong and it is clear that this one knows how to wield a weapon. The silveryblond hair cascades down her back, the sun reflecting upon it giving it a liquid look like a moonlit waterfall that looks oh so soft to touch. Her eyes green as grass in spring. A peculiar thing about her is that beneath the pale skin, if one is to look really close, she has a layer of small silvery scales.



Cenoteph and his daughter Dawn

Removed from her mothers womb at an early stage along with her twin brother Dwier, she was placed into magicly constructed eggs in the lair of her father, Cenoteph the Dread Linnorm of Tens. Hatched from the egg she spent her first years far beneath the catacombs of Tens where her parents, Cenoteph and Mirilinne along with her beloved aunt Katarina, the closest follower to her father, taught her as much as they could about the world above before she was let out to learn the rest on her own. Dawn turned out to recieve the beautiful outer looks from her mothers side as well as a very good sparkling mood. and she is not late to forgive those that in her eye wrongs her as long as they ask for it. It soon became obvious that she had inherited her temper from both her mother and father, fiercly defending her believes and her family when feeling they have been threatened or wronged in any kind. Her double nature became obvious in conflicting behaviors such a passion for raw meat but over that she could just as easily pick a perfect ripe peach. She hasn't been born with war in her blood but doesn't hesitate if asked.

Life in TensEdit


Dawn Dahaki

Not long after she had come up to the surface, she inherited the slave Cynn from her sister Kaylin who had left the island and was presumed dead, Dawn quickly learned how to keep a slave and continued to try to master the skill as a Slavemistress however, she never too upon the titel officially. For the longest time her closest friend was her twin brother Dwier but as the parents marriage failed the twins drifted apart and she became more and more close to Cynn and slowly a different relationship between the two was starting to take form.

There was no man in her life, not even the smallest fling, until Sebastian Chevalier swept her off her feet and they stayed together in a stormy relationship filled with much love, passion and jealousy for over four years. Eventually the two separated and they are still blaming eachother for what happened. She still to this day have the pink diamond ring he gave her but no one knows where she keeps it. As the relationship cracked the one with Cynn grew even more close and when Dawn had the opportunity she set the woman free from the slavecollar and they are to this day still lovers.

Where both her parents had been ambitious and striving for titels it is uncertain if Dawn has this drive or not but she is still very quick to speak her mind and doesn't always think twice before she opens her mouth which leads people to more than once misread her and think her to be rude and uncivilized. Those who took the time to get to know her found a loyal friend, with the love for pink, peaches and pineapple juice dashed with coconut rum, always would be there as long as the loyalty was returned.

Dawn and Azi Edit

Dawn Today

Dawn Dahaki

Dawn was more and more been seen out in the battlefield, perhaps due to her relationship with the Drakkar Knight Azi Dahaka. The two were a very odd couple and for those that are close to the family knows it is quite stormy and rocky but the demonic dragonkin and the half linnorm are both determind to find a way to make it work. The obsticles began to grow around them with Azi taking the throne their troubles began to climb and during the issues around the Carsius Clan the acts and abscence from Azi seemed to finally get to the blond woman and she left her ring in his possession. It didn't stop there however, a desperate last attempt after a long conversation with her father, Dawn tried to save the relationship. After a few stormy conversations, lots of heartbreak in the end, Azi chose to shun his fiancée and their unborn child to seek new thrills in his life. The very same morning Dawn left the city on a well needed vacation to her mothers and upon returning it became very clear that she was no longer with child. When or if asked about it she'd tell people to mind their own buisness.

After her break up with Azi it has been a confusing and turbolent time between the two but upon his return after his daring rescue of the devil Buulzibael it becomes clear that the couple are through with eachother and they part on seemingly friendly terms. As Azi steps down from the throne after Dawn reveals his mistreatment of her in the past the Throne is given to Varian and Azi also appoints Dawn to be the new Vizier. Half terrified and half overjoyed the young half linnorm takes up the task and tries to do something with it against the stream of Tensiens who keeps seeing her as a silly, blond thing in pink clothing. She has lately been seen around in the company of Warlord Julious Fox and in the time of the fall the couple announce that they are to be married. The event a joyful one where the closest friends and family attend, even the old Linnorm Cenoteph himself choses to show up how ever the evening ends with Cynn attacking Cenoteph and the new union between the warlord and vizier of Tens begins with bloodstained clothes and tears but their relationship seem strong and unbreakable but not long after their wedding Dawn is once more shown that promises are made to be broken.

Dawn and Julious Edit


Broken Promises, Dawn

As both Dawn and Julious takes their jobs quite serious and want to do the best they can with what they've been given, work start to come between them. They see less and less of eachother and the long abscence start to wear their relationship down, slowly but surely. Frantic Dawn notice this and she tries once more to save another relationship that is doomed to fail and as Julious comes to her and tells her that he and Varian are going up against the city spirit T'ssu of Tens in an effort to destroy it she gives a promise and Julious returns it.

She feels that going up against the Spirit would be wrong as she has sworn to serve but she understands why Varian and Julious are doing what they are doing even if she considers the idea idiotic and that it can only end in disaster. She promises Julious that when it is all over she will step down as Vizier and focus on the relationship they have in an effort to save it. At her side she has the new slave Cristall who happily hears the news as Julious gives Dawn a similar promise, that when the battle is over he will resign and come to her. She leaves for the house on the beach close to Argannon and there she waits together with her daughter while Cristall stays with Julious and sees the battle through.

The battle is a success however when the dust settles the king Varian is dead and Julious seems lost and without destination. He orders Cristall to return to Dawn and that he will follow close by but as the days passes by with Dawn and Cristall waiting there is no sign of the warrior. When a year has passed with no news or word from Julious or what might have happened to him Dawn comes to the conclusion that Julious must have been sure that he would perish in the battle and had no intention of ever returning to her. Once more she stands with her shattered dreams and promises broken but yet she can't truly give up on the very frail strand of hope that he might turn up alive. Despite her desperate cling to the hope the news finally reaches Dawn about Julious death, the message brought to her by Julious oldest son Eli. The news comes to a chock to Dawn even if she most likely had guessed something had happened to him, but the fact that the man chose to leave her without a word, no chance of taking farewell leaves a giant hole in her heart and to those that knows her it is quite clear that she will never fully recover from that.

Loss keeps piling up around Dawn, her mother vanishes as well as her stepfather and his slave. Next on the line is her aunt Katarina, the leader of the house. She is brought back from afar by Katarinas daughter Syndra and Azi and this leaves Dawn in charge of the House of Dahaki.

Left in the house by Argannon Beach today is Dawn, her daughter Tyezira Phoenix Dahaka and Kaylin.

Time of Broken GlassEdit

Dawn ice

She tries her best to keep moving forward but the memories of what she has lost keeps haunting her and torment her mind and heart. Lost in the emotions, smothered by guilt as she tries to find a life for herself she can feel her spirit being shredded and she sees no way of fending it off by any other means than to build herself a wall of ice around her person. Trapped behind this perfect, ice cold surface she start to look upon the world with hatred and loathing, bitterness begins to overcome her and even if she makes the effort to keep on living for her daughters sake she keeps finding the moments slip through her fingers.

When Julious brother offers to take her to Julious grave she follows without hesitation, the journey becomes a dark and brutal one but as she returns to Tens two things are brought. A scar on the palm of her hand that is left from some sort of knife cut, and a seed. She makes her sister Kaylin help her to rip out the pink tree that used to be her mothers inside the house and in its place the seed is planted. Soon a new tree grows in its stead and its presence seem to have some sort of calming effect on Dawn.

It is still unknown what Dawn truly had to do and sacrifice in order to use the tree to bring her beloved husband back and no one has ever been told the extent of the ceremony that took place however what is known that Julious and Dawn are back together as a couple and they seem stronger than ever. Their united strength is what gives them the energy to keep on as they now hold the Throne of Tens in one of Tens more troublesome era's of hardship.

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