Angelique Dawnstorm

played by Here I Come/Spawn of Smash.


In her human form she looks like a half elven female standing 5'2", With long red hair down to her ankles. Her weight 150 lbs. Her body directly proportioned. Her sky blue eyes are penetrating. In her true from she is a brillant Red Dragon, an ancient wyrm with sharp claws, and golden eyes, her weight approximantly 8,000 lbs.


Angelique Dawnstorm is the oldest daughter of Julianna Dawnfire and Tarn Sunstorm, she has a twin brother Ash. She has a half brother Ryver and a set of twin siblings Lucinda and Magnus Uriel, the last two she raised along with her own children..

Angelique followed her mother to the island shortly after the fall of Argannon, she met and fell in love with a loud mouth elf that was running for Leader of Elzigard. Norfin and she became close and she became with child, Norfin won the election and to protect his children had her wed him. They had a set of tripletts, Norfin jr, Claudia and Charity. She helped in his rule as a consort, close to the end of his rule, he vanished leaving her to try to hold things together until the next election which she endevored to do.

She met with Tanniss Traveller and he helped her keep the city together and ran for leader of Elzigard. He won the election, setting Angelique up as his Ambassador and after a reasonable amount of time he released her from her bond to Norfin. She was on her own for a short bit before she met and fell in love with Adrian Uriel, and they became formerly mated, while serving Elzigard under Tanniss she became with child, and gave birth to a set of tripletts, Bastion, Penelope and Astoria Uriel. She served with Tanniss for both his reigns and when he fell ill and his wife was run off by some of the old families of Elzigard, she took over as regent of Elzigard until the next election.

Several of her friends and supporters talked her into running for Leader of Elzigard after Tanniss' reign, she agreed and once she won she discovered that her own reign was nothing like taking over for someone else. Adrian did not run nor did not assist in her rule until she had messed things up and was on the brink of a break down. He did grace her with another set of Tripletts.

Anglique has been away for a long time dealing with things for Adrian, but she has returned and plans to become involved with Elzigard once again.