Ancient Battle Field

The Ancient Battlefield is reached by taking the Main Hunters Road towards Argannon Ruins, through the Wooded Path. Beyond the Battle Field lies the dreaded Shadow Citadel.

The Ancient BattlefieldEdit

Vast and never ending field with tombstones and crypts, hills and corners. (More to come)


Ancient Warrior

(More to come)


Ancient Warriors with their squiers.

The CryptEdit

The Ancient Crypt

Is to be found on the Ancient Battlefield, a gruesome place with rooms clearly made for dark sacrifices and worship. It is said to have held a few weddings but of this very few speak of.


Undead Sorceress

(More to come)


Dwelling for ancient spirits and undead sorceress, dangerous planar beasts and kings. All heavily guarded by undead warriors and their squiers. The Planar Beasts has an interesting behavior of changing form.

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